Professor of International Law and Jurisprudence,  Mr  Akin Oyebode, has described the Nigerian Constitution as an illegitimate inst...

'Nigeria’s Constitution - An Illegitimate Instrument' - Akin Oyebode

Professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, Mr Akin Oyebode, has described the Nigerian Constitution as an illegitimate instrument.

The professor said this on Monday, during a special programme on Channels Television to mark the country’s 58th Independence day anniversary.

He stated that the Constitution is outdated and needs to reflect the spirit of the current age.

“The problem I think the Patriots pointed out some time ago is that that constitution, decree 24 of 1999 is a military dictat. It tells a lie against itself.

“What you are brandishing as the Constitution of Nigeria is an illegitimate instrument. The Patriots have said it and Ben Nwabueze continues to say it. I attend meetings on the black table where Ben Nwabueze presides, and he will tell you that the constitution is a fraud, that we have to jettison it and do an autochthonous constitution for ourselves.

“So, let us recognise the limitations of the 1999 so-called constitution. We need a constitution which reflects the spirit of the age,” he said.

Oyebode further stated that a lot of the problems that have persisted in the country were a result of the attitude of the people.
He said, “A people get the government that they deserve.

“If Nigerians are complacent and they will not stand up to immoral conduct, then we justify that particular conduct and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and quite sincerely the judges too, they have part of the blame but they don’t have all the blame”.